360Clean Air Filter Cleaner Specifications


  • Height: 100 inches
  • Width: 60 inches
  • Depth: 26”
  • Weight: Approx. 950 pounds

When placing the 360Clean in your shop, plan for adequate space around the device, for periodic maintenance and removal of debris accumulated from used air filters.


  • 120V or 240V electrical outlet
  • At least 120psi compressed air – minimum of 35 SCFM flow required
    • Machine runs optimally with a constant rate of 150psi


The 360Clean is fully-automated for ease of use. No expertise required. Owners and managers can train multiple operators, quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Insert dirty filter
Step 2 – Close door
Step 3 – Push Start

The 360Clean does all the work, inside an enclosed, self-contained module. The operator is never in contact with moving parts. A green light on the control panel indicates when the cleaning cycle is complete.

Airflow Monitor

A unique magnehelic airflow monitoring gauge is mounted on the front of the unit, directly under the control panel. This feature enables you to ensure optimal efficiency of both your filters and your engines.

Establish a “baseline” reading by testing a new, unused filter. The figure produced in this initial test will allow you to compare the condition of every used filter to a new one. Perform this 10-second airflow test after every cleaning, to ensure maximum performance and utilization of filters, as well as to determine the appropriate number of cleaning cycles.

Selecting Number of Cleaning Cycles

The 360Clean is designed to accommodate not only multiple sizes of diesel engine air filters, but also a variety of operating conditions. You can easily customize your 360Clean settings, based on individual factors such as environment, amount of dirt and debris present, frequency of filter cleanings, etc.

The 360Clean’s control panel includes a dial that enables you to set the machine for one, two or three cleaning cycles. In addition, you can determine the length and intensity of each cleaning cycle, by programming in the desired number of times the diffuser passes through the filter.

A sample setting might be:

Cleaning Cycle #1 = 5 diffuser passes
Cleaning Cycle #2 = 10 diffuser passes
Cleaning Cycle #3 = 20 diffuser passes

Filters that collect a high volume of debris, in rugged conditions such as farming, grading and mining, are likely to need a greater number of diffuser passes to bring the filter condition back to “baseline” (equaling or approaching the same airflow rate as a new filter). Each operator can determine their own specific settings, based on the experience gained by testing cleaned filters with the magnehelic airflow gauge.

We recommend starting with a conservative 5 diffuser-pass setting for Cleaning Cycle #1 and adding additional passes for cycles 2 and 3. As you incorporate the 360Clean into your service center operations as part of a standard maintenance routine, your experience will indicate if any setting adjustments are advisable. In addition, your air filters will be cleaner than they were at the time of their initial cleaning, and thus the number of recommended diffuser strokes will be reduced.

By simply turning the dial to Cleaning Cycle #1, #2 or #3, you can easily accommodate several different cleaning requirements, for a variety of vehicles or conditions, without any reprogramming. Should you wish to make adjustments, programming is quick and easy, with user-friendly instructions provided in the Product Manual.

Maintenance Program

You will achieve optimal results if you incorporate the 360Clean as part of your routine vehicle maintenance program. Cleaning your air filters more frequently than you normally would replace them not only helps your trucks run more efficiently, as detailed on our Cost Reductions Page, but also increases the lifespan of each filter. Regular cleanings with the 360Clean reduce the amount of stubborn debris in the filter, enabling you to clean the filters effectively, for longer, before they eventually require replacement.

The 360Clean’s airflow monitor will tell you when a filter no longer meets the desired level of effective cleanliness.


The 360Clean is easier to clean than a self-cleaning oven! Simply flip a switch, and the unit will clean dust and debris from its interior parts in a matter of minutes.

Manual Setting

The 360Clean conducts its synergistic cleaning functions automatically, with no effort or intervention from the operator. However, for maintenance purposes, the device also has a Manual setting, which enables your operator or a 360Clean technician to isolate each function, conducting one step at a time. The Manual setting is useful for troubleshooting or part replacement. Note, however, that use of this setting will be rare, as the machine needs very little maintenance.


Complete installation instructions are included in our Product Manual, and the process is easy.

Step 1 – Anchor the 360Clean to the floor of your shop
Step 2 – Run a 1½” air line from your air compressor (with 120 PSI sustainable PSI) to the back of the 360Clean and attach it to hose bar fitting
Step 3 – Attach a 220 watt electrical source to the furnished leads in the electrical box in the back of the 360Clean

When placing the 360Clean in your shop, plan for adequate space around the device, for periodic maintenance and removal of debris accumulated from the used air filters.