Frequently Asked Questions

360Clean Product Basics

What is the 360Clean?

What size filters will the 360Clean clean?

I’ve heard that cleaning can damage a filter. How do I know the 360Clean is safe to use?

Why Buy the 360Clean?

Do I really need an air filter cleaner?
Is it cost effective to buy an air filter cleaner rather than buying new filters?
Why do you claim that the 360Clean is “green”?

Comparison Chart – 360Clean vs. Others

How is the 360Clean different from other solutions on the market?

What’s special about the 360Clean’s airflow monitor and data recorder?

Clean and Dirty Air Filters

Obviously I don’t run my trucks with dirty air filters. So why do you say it’s better to clean them than replace them?
Is there a way to verify that my filters are clean after the 360Clean finishes its cleaning cycles?

Using Your 360Clean

How do I use the 360Clean?

How does the 360Clean effectively clean my air filters?

How big is the 360Clean?

What is the upkeep cost per year for the 360Clean?

How long will the 360Clean last?

What do I do if I have problems with the unit, or need technical support?

How do I install the 360Clean?

Does the 360Clean come with a warranty?

Free Demonstrations and Ordering

Can I see the 360Clean in action before I buy one?
I’m ready to buy. How do I proceed?
How soon will the 360Clean arrive after I order it?