The 360Clean Air Filter Cleaner –
A Technological Breakthrough!

The 360Clean is a fully-automated diesel air filter cleaning device that safely removes contaminants from large cylindrical air filters. The unit is self-contained, easy to operate and flexible enough to accommodate filters of many sizes. Its advanced non-invasive process is designed to safeguard your air filters against damage, while leaving your shop - and the environment - clean and healthy.

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How the 360Clean Works


Step 1 – Insert dirty filter
Step 2 – Close door
Step 3 – Push Start

That’s it! The automated 360Clean does all the work, inside an enclosed, self-contained module. The operator is never in contact with moving parts. Bottom line: the 360Clean is safe, quick and simple – and simply extraordinary in its abilities.

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The device synergistically combines five functions: vibration, pulsation, reciprocation, diffusion and extraction. This unique, patented process provides optimal cleaning, without damage.

Our design is extremely sophisticated, and our manufacturing process is state-of-the-art. Yet the 360Clean is uncommonly user-friendly. Its simplicity facilitates multiple users, with only a few minutes of training.

Furthermore, the device is built for the long-haul. It contains industrial-grade parts, precision-machined, to provide years of dependable, low-maintenance service.

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360Clean Advantages

How many air filters do you go through every year, for your trucks and heavy equipment? Those filters aren’t cheap. It’s time to cut the waste and improve your bottom line. Instead of replacing your truck’s dirty air filters, clean them: safely, effectively and quickly, with the 360Clean from Better Way.

filerThe Best Diesel Air Filter Cleaner on the Market

  • Unique cleaning process
  • Built-in air flow monitoring system
  • Optional computerized data recording
  • Optional centralized data retrieval system
  • Easy to use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Automated
  • Built to last
  • The 360Clean is proudly made in the USA!

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Cost Reductions

New air filters for your fleet can cost over $100 each. If you can clean and reuse those filters, instead of throwing them away, the cost reductions are obvious. But the savings don’t stop there!

Profitability is key for any business owner, and most fleet operators minimize costs by using the air filters in their trucks as long as possible before replacing them. What if you could have a cleaner air filter, without impacting profitability at all? The benefits would be tremendous.

Cleaner air filters = Better fuel efficiency
Cleaner air filters = Fewer emissions
Cleaner air filters = Better engine performance and longer engine life

The cost of an air filter is significant. But it’s nothing compared to the cost of your truck’s engine!


The numbers don’t lie. See our Cost Reduction studies for details.

Safe for Your Diesel Air Filters

The 360Clean’s unique cleaning process is remarkably gentle, and incomparably effective. Its five independent cleaning actions dislodge and flush out moisture, dust, and stubborn, trapped debris particles.

After extensive and rigorous testing, we can assert with 100% confidence that the 360Clean does not damage air filters, given proper usage of the machine (correct placement of the filter within the cleaning chamber).

Compare the 360Clean to other cleaners, which rely on the raw force of compressed air, blasting directly onto the sensitive paper elements in your air filter. Many of these devices are uncontained, shooting the dust and debris out into your working environment. They’re an assault on your air filter, your shop and your lungs!

Safe for Humans, Too!

The 360Clean is designed, engineered and manufactured to meet the highest standards and protect your workers.

360 Filter Clean

  • 100% safe to operate
  • Exceeds all OSHA industrial standards
  • Hundreds of built-in safety features
  • Entirely sealed and self-contained unit eliminates the possibility of hands, fingers or tools entering the cleaning chamber while the machine is in use
  • Bar-coded door latch safety feature turns the machine off if door is opened

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Advanced Functionality

The 360Clean’s airflow monitoring, optional data recording and centralized data retrieval capabilities provide unparalleled sophistication:

The airflow monitor (magnehelic) tests the efficiency of every filter, as compared to a new filter (the new filter provides your “baseline” reading). This 10-second test is performed after every cleaning, confirming effective air flow. With this monitor, you can ensure maximum performance and utilization of every filter, as well as determining the optimal number of cleaning cycles.

The optional data recorder lets you control the timing of all air filter cleanings on every truck in your fleet. It tracks the dates, number of cleanings and airflow readings of every cleaning, giving you a valuable database of information. If you opt to add remote data management, you can monitor this information for all your service centers – from any location. Take the guesswork out of managing a fleet of clean-running vehicles!

The 360Clean means built-in efficiency, built-in peace of mind. No other air filter cleaner has this advanced functionality.



Rarely are fleet operators considered an environmentalist’s best friend. But the 360Clean lets you go green! You’ll have cleaner-burning engines with fewer emissions. Fewer discarded air filters, for less landfill waste. And, best of all, better fuel efficiency, improving MPG on every truck you own.

The 360Clean’s air-tight capsule captures all filter debris, instead of expelling it into the air you breathe. Your shop and surrounding areas stay clean and contaminant-free.