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Manufacturer’s Sales Rep


This is a wide-open field of opportunity for a skilled Manufacturer’s Rep that loves the thrill of the hunt.  As the sales entity for our break-through transportation industry technology, you will be the master of your domain, as you design the sales strategy and build the customer base for this revolutionary product. We are prepared to offer an aggressive incentive package for the candidate with the right contacts and entrepreneurial instincts. In this position you can make your own schedule, devoting as much time to the effort as you deem prudent, running your operation from wherever it’s convenient for you.

Your Product: the 360Clean

The 360Clean offers advanced technology for a money-saving, next-generation approach to fleet maintenance.  Fleet managers spend hundreds, or more likely thousands, of dollars every year on new air filters for their diesel trucks and heavy-duty equipment.  The fully automated and self-contained 360Clean device safely cleans diesel air filters for reuse.  With this one, simple upgrade in the fleet maintenance process, your customers will cut operations costs dramatically, as well as achieve significant environmental benefits.

The 360Clean:

  • Reduces filter costs
  • Reduces waste
  • Reduces storage needs
  • Enables cleaner-running engines
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Provides air-flow testing capabilities and data-management software

This product could be a gold mine for anyone who manages or maintains a fleet of diesel vehicles in the transportation, agriculture, construction, forestry or mining industries.

For more information, watch our product demo.


Job Responsibilities

  • Represent the 360Clean to fleet managers anywhere within the U.S., with an emphasis on the Southeast
  • Develop and implement a sales strategy
  • Achieve a high degree of product expertise
  • Arrange and provide product demonstrations for prospects
  • Negotiate sales deals, volume discounts, and, if applicable, potential distributorships

 Candidate Profile

  • Strong sales instincts and experience
  • Experience within the transportation or related industry (strongly preferred)
  • High level of motivation to achieve personal goals and improve earning potential
  • Professional, self-motivating and self-managing approach to business
  • Genuine, out-going personality and natural people skills
  • Strong communication skills, with the ability to engage and persuade

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