Now You - AND Your Trucks - Can Breathe Easier

How many diesel engine air filters do you trash every year? Tired of throwing money away? It’s time to cut the waste and improve your bottom line. Now you can clean those air filters, safely, effectively and quickly, with the automated, non-invasive 360Clean from Better Way.

Clean Diesel Air Filters – Damage-Free and Eco-Friendly
The 360Clean is an automated cleaning solution for diesel engine air filters:

  • Safely removes contaminants from hollow, cylindrical air filters
  • Self-contained and easy to operate
  • Flexible enough to accommodate filters of almost any size

The 360Clean has an advanced, non-invasive process that effectively cleans your air filters time after time, without damage.

360 filter clean

360 filter clean

Simply a Better Air Filter Cleaner

What makes 360Clean the best diesel air filter cleaner on the market?

  • Unique cleaning process – does not harm filters!360 Filters
  • Fully automated – eliminate human error
  • Easy – train multiple users in minutes!
  • Built-in airflow monitoring system
  • Optional data recorder and centralized data retrieval systems
  • Eco-friendly – reduce waste, emissions and fuel use
  • Built to last
  • 360Clean is proudly made in the USA!

Ready to Save Money? The Numbers Don’t Lie

Think how much you can save by reusing those expensive diesel engine air filters, over and over.
You will also reduce your fuel and landfill costs, while improving engine performance with 360Clean.

Your Personal Cost Study

Want to know just how much money you’re wasting by replacing dirty air filters instead of reusing them?
Check out these Cost Reduction Studies. Then contact us. We’ll run a personal cost study for you. The numbers will amaze you.


Fleet owners with 400 tractor-trailers can save: $7,573,000 in fuel and filter costs over 10 years!


Construction companies with 200 diesel vehicles can save: $178,650 every year, on FUEL costs alone!

Use 360Clean and get huge savings every year, for every vehicle you own!

Clean and Green

Go green with the eco-friendly 360Clean:

  • Cleaner air filters = better fuel efficiency
  • Cleaner air filters = clean-burning engines = fewer emissions
  • Fewer discarded air filters = less landfill waste

Also, the 360Clean’s air-tight capsule captures all filter debris, instead of blasting it out into your shop and the air you breathe!